Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was recently asked about how my work influences other aspects of my life.
Has my work ever turned cathartic? Yep.

Most of the great work that I'm attracted to has been cathartic. My favorite painter of all time, Rembrandt, is a great example of that. He painted so many self portraits in a time when people wanted an illustrated painting from the bible or a painting of themselves, not a painting of the artist! Who wanted a portrait of someone else in 1650? No one! He painted because he needed to paint. Towards the end of his life he really had nothing else but painting. Sure did make some great paintings.

This image revolves around some people I've observed, roughly two years ago, who literally had to do nothing to help someone, but instead they chose to actively hinder someone. That drives me crazy! This goes out to all people who are dealing with that special terrible someone.

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