Friday, April 30, 2010

Stumptown Photos

So, my table mate, Ed Choy Moorman, found one of our usual very sensual photos from Stumptown on the internet, check it out here. I pondered whether or not there were any other photos like this... and well, there weren't any as sensual as those ones, but there surely are photos where I look really weird across the board. Let's enjoy some of them shall we?

Here's myself on the right, with Joshin Yamada on the left. I had a ton of fun chatting with this fine gentleman. No joke, I didn't have this cat vest before coming to Stumptown. I told a guy that I was really jealous of his vest, and without any hesitation he took it off and gave it to me. The least I could do was trade him a poster for the vest. Badass. Watch out SpringCon, the vest is coming. Thanks goes to Bill Mudron for the photo!

Here's my Superman-esque looking brother on the right. He is actually constructed entirely out of uranium and is worth trillions of dollars.

The PDX Pipeline was nice enough to photograph some stuff from my Borland C++ Visual Graphics Programming Manual. I'm working to finish the book sooner rather than later.

Next year, I'm looking to bring a camera and also not look so weird. The vest will be a permanent addition though, until it finds someone worthy to have it again. A sweet beautiful cycle.

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Hannah said...

aww lookit you and your awful awful vest