Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been working quite a bit lately and it's been keeping me at the drawing table. I've got some conventions coming up, so I've felt like I have a lot of short term goals to strive towards lately. I'm really excited to be going to Stumptown, April 24th and 25th in Portland, with my New Jersey/Chicago buddy, Ed Choy Moorman. Ed and I should also be sharing a table together at the upcoming Minneapolis Indie Expo (MIX), on August 21st.

Between Stumptown and MIX, I'll be at the Minneapolis Zinefest 2010, July 10th, sharing a table with my fellow Conspiracy Cartoonist, Zine Supreme-ist and assistant editor of the Michelle Bauchman comic, False Witness, Dan Olson. Then in October on the 2nd, I'll be at the Madison College Library for Madison's Zinefest.

Commercially, I've been designing and illustrating for a band called Vessels for our Ghost, VFOG. They've been keeping me busy illustrating a Triple Fold CD Insert for their new album, "Inscriptions," and designing their whole identity and CD graphics.

I illustrated some comics for Sigrid Ellis, including Cool Kids and Life Interrupts, while also illustrating pages and designing characters for Ted Anderson on the projects Orphans, Being Human and Dream Geography.

These projects ranged from a whole 40 page book to character designs and test pages for a proposal. Here's a whole hodgepodge of images from those projects.

First up is Life Interrupts

I began working on Orphans around November of '09 but never showed any of it, here it is.

Right after Orphans, I began working on Cool Kids.

I also did illustrations for a card deck with the characters from Joe Gillette's Party Food. Eric Schuster also did cards for the deck and organized a whole roster of artists to contribute as well.

I've got some other stuff on the horizon for the cons that I still shouldn't talk about, but there will be some updates soon enough.


raighneHOGAN said...

Excellent work Sean! It's great to see what you have been up to. That project you are doing with Ted is looking very fine indeed!

Anna said...

Those Being Human pages are TIGHT Sean. Awesome job!

adam said...

Jesus. I knew you were good but these are silly good. Great stuff.