Monday, October 27, 2008

Post Apocalyptic Nuclear Fallout

I'm doing some final touch ups on the comic that I worked on during the 24 Hour Comic Day, Nuclear Twilight, and I thought I'd share a page:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rocketfuel Fall Christmas Teaser

It's been a while.

First, I've got to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on my blog when I was doing my shenanigans in Ukashima. The support and interest from everyone means the world to me. I learned so much, still remember everyone and have all of the art securely fastened inside of a manila envelope so that it may age like fine wine.

Secondly, be proud to have lived through the worst president ever.

Third, I've got quite a bit to report on, including returning from J-Town, selling books and meeting people at Fallcon, participating in 24 Hour Comic Day and beginning my new sketch adventure in The Borland C++ Programmer's Guide to Graphics. All will be revealed soon, but until then enjoy these little treats:

Remember, only you can prevent literacy... forest fires. Thanks for looking.