Saturday, February 27, 2010

Megatron at the gunshow

So, my buddy gives me a job setting up and taking down tables at a gun show. Yes, a gun show. I'm not a fan of guns, but I do think that Megatron is one of the best villains ever. While other characters turn into a car, a truck or an F-22, Megatron turns into a gun. He was designed to kill.

While this isn't the exact gun that Megatron was designed from, it is a Walther, like Megatron. The more I think about his design, the more I love how conhesive it is. Not to mention, that he wasn't even a Transformer at first. Megatron was a toy from another toy line in Japan called, "Microman." The toy actually shot bebes and there was a toy based off of a Browning pistol too.

Megatron became the character that he is because of a writer named Bob Budiansky, who designed the personalities of the Transformers. In short, Bob Budiansky created some great characters. Also, in short, I got paid for taking down tables and drew a gun.

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