Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to the dentist

I really don't recall the last time that I was at the dentist... at least 4 years ago. Longer probably. Health care is a pretty new concept for me too. Japan has it right with National Health Care and people not being afraid to go to the dentist or doctor. I write down my dreams every morning and often have really terrible dreams about my teeth. I think my dreams were trying to tell me something.

Before going to the dentist, this photo realistic drawing of me was made. Obviously, I'm terrible anxious to go to the dentist.

Another photo was taken. The smile in question:

The tooth in question: It's the one with black spot. Please divert your eyes from the nose hairs.

Riiburu Dentist:

Happy Sean at the dentist:

Woman avoid the oncoming x-rays, and laughing at me about to be zapped.

This thing took a full panorama of my teeth. It was so nice that it even sang me a little song as it zapped me with x-rays. Seriously it had a little jingle that went with it. The sign directly in front of me said to stay still, so I tried with everything I had to not laugh. 

Do you remember that scene in Total Recall when Arnold takes that thing outta his nose? This was a little like that:

I was so excited to see the X-ray.

This dentist was the man. He told me that facts and got me outta there in less than an hour. I paid a little bit of scratch and the rest was covered by Japan's National Health Care. Lovely.

Now back to more normal matters:


raighneHOGAN said...

Really like the drawings sandwiching the meat (story + pics). I went through a similar fear of not going nor affording to go to the dentist for x number of years (maybe 6 or 7?). The first time I went on my own dime was a small little dentistry in St Paul. The lady said I had something like 13 cavities, which I knew was a little unlikely. She wanted to operate pronto, I was got the frack out of there. When I did go to a dentist again, it wasn't nearly as bad (maybe 2 cavities, maybe 3).

I am glad to hear your mouth is happy and your mind is at ease (health issues terrify and consume me).

Hannah said...

cool drawings and also it's good to know dentistry looks the same in japan as america. now if i'm ever in japan with a dental emergency i know i won't have to put myself in a totally alien environment. haha

i think you should do something with that gross teeth guy. put him on adventures and things.

SCRuskin said...

that's just because sean didn't take any pictures of the tentacle rooms, hannah

btw sean nice story. glad to know that knockout smile aint been knocked out. har har har.