Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lonely house artist

I've been lucky to have a bit of time to post these mornings. Usually, I wake up, make Mako's lunch, might do the laundry, and then drink coffee. Everyday I get a little bit closer to feeling like a lonely housewife. I've even got dinner ready by the time Mako gets home, sometimes the food even gets cold because she's working late at work.

The rest of the time is mine. Sometimes I get to sketch, but I mainly focus on two things.

The first, is to study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. There's 5 levels, and 1 is the most advanced. Level 1 is the goal. I already feel really comfortable speaking, reading and writing Japanese, but there's always further to go. I have a strong sense of civic responsibility, so acutely learning the language and contributing to the culture is really important to me.

The second, is to work on my new book. It involves a doctor. That's all I'm saying. Hopefully pages by 2011.

Time to utilize that time between laundry and dinner.

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