Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nano Robo

About 6 months ago, I spent about 2 months designing and producing toys for various projects of mine. I made prototype robots like these fellahs and some other painted figures that I'll have to post soon too. Before returning to Japan, I made 5 different robots based on the same design using patterned paper and pieces of wood.

I call them Nano Robos. Each one is about 2 inches tall.

The original prototype was much more crude but it still functioned. I put it away for a while to do some commercial jobs and when I came back to it I was able to add a few improvements. The original prototype had a rigid spine and neck, while the new version has a torso that rotates around the spine and the head rotates around the shoulders. It's basically made out of a lower half and upper half, with the upper half rotating on the lower. They're quite sturdy too.

I also gave the green design guns.

Team Green wins!

I've debated selling these online, but can't justify spending the time. Drawing is really where my heart lies. I just happen to be the son of an engineer so sometimes I can't help my love of design. I've made a couple other types of toys like these along with the painted figures. Maybe if I can find a scanner I'll post some of the 128 page trading card-sized comic that goes with the painted figures.

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