Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update presented by Spider-Man

Hello. Things have been luckily crazy busy.

Moving. Printing books. Jobs. Spider-Man...

Many many new projects over the horizon. Ravens. Robots. British Robots. Wheelchairs.

When I fully move into the 2d Cloud studio, I'll be doing web work for them and myself. Books will actually be able to be bought online.

Last, but not least, Comics Worth Reading was kind enough to stop at my table at Mocca and chat me up about programming and Robots and write a bit about it for their time at Mocca!


prrrrty goood said...


Lars Voltz said...

Sean!!! I saw a picture of you on the Size Matters blog. You look like you're busy! Made me want to give you a super tall high five.

Take care big guy.