Thursday, June 5, 2008

Minnesota to Russia: The MN Zoo's new exhibit.

I used to spend hours at the zoo drawing the animals and had always wanted to make some art for the zoo, so I was really inspired to work on these drawings with my audience being children. My goal was to make a child just as excited as I was when I was at the zoo. I've been way excited to see exhibit since first hearing about it on the MN Zoo website.

I've been interested in Russian motifs since being influenced and taught by my art mentor, Natalya, who is the real Russian deal, and from reading an amazing story illustrated by John Paul Leon and written by Brett Lewis named, The Wintermen. Every one of these letters is different and is roughly about the size of a letter size sheet of paper. For the Russian letters I used different motifs from Russian architecture. I had the most fun with these two letters:


Hannah said...

yayayayay russia's grizzly coast :D :D :D :D

Alex said...

I really like it--awesome job!!