Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Zoo...

When living in Japan for the last two years, I was working on a graphic novel for a while... It's called The Zoo. My life recently changed dramatically and my work was greatly affected and may have moved on from this point. I've been working more experimentally lately, but this is what The Zoo was. 

I was drawing it like this.

These days, I've been drawing like this. 

I was 30 pages into The Zoo, after writing the whole book, and after last December, everything changed. I recently had a separation with my wife and returned from living with her in Japan for the last two years. It hit me like a dinosaur befriending a comet.

All of my family and friends supported me through my separation. I was lucky enough to spend time playing SNES Mario Kart with my brothers and spending long nights talking with friends. My dog is the shit too. I took him for a lot of walks. I'm lucky to have them all.

Since returning, I've been working on lots of freelance stuff as well. I'll show some of that soon. I'm planning on attending SpringCon '13 with Eric Schuster in May and I will have the pen and ink Zoo in my newest Processing book and the 4 and a half year old in me will have The Zoo for sale as well.

Rocket ship. Mars.


Human Services Consulting and Training said...

Your work continues to be astonishing and amazing. You and Nick continue to be the greatest artists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

kevirdorovar said...

Keep kicking ass, Sean!

Anonymous said...

I got your book at Fallcon and man... I'm really loving the art in it! Keep up the great work Sean!