Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Bit of Little Things

I've updated and edited and re-edited this post many times. Now, I'll just say that all of the work has already been done for almost a month and after speaking with some people who are very important to me, and giving it much thought, I've decided to not do the show. Here is the rest of the work, originally meant for that show.

This is my kabutomushi, Killer. I once had a beta fish named, "Killer," who lived for 3 years. That's about 2 years longer than most beta fish. I thought I'd give him the best name I possibly could. I love beetles. This little fellah was given to me by Mako's father. Mako's father and I didn't get along when we first met, but now when we meet we tell jokes and drink beer together. When him and I were at our least friendly, I saw him give beetles to his grand-nephews and I saw a different side of him that I'd never seen before. I see Killer as a sign of friendship, respect and peace. I have made a shrine for him and I do pay my respects.

Mako brought back this porcelain egg from Russia. I was interested in the textures and reflections.

One of our sake glasses. I enjoyed the subtlety of the colors and shape. 

One of Mako's plants. I grew up with many plants in my household as a kid. It always reminds me of home and that time when the cats knocked over my mother's plant and she blamed it on me. (She believes me now!)

This little ceramic sake glass is the companion to the sake bottle in my previous post. If you look at the bottom, there is a "Y" like shape carved into it. That's the signature of the ceramicist. This is a special type of Okayama pottery called, "Bizen Yaki." Wake-san, the commissioner of this painting, told me that his father likely drank out of this 30,000+ times.

Some ginger. It could also be some kind of alien. I'm okay with either one.

My glasses.

The first of a series of black and white ones. A Japanese pinecone.

A bowl. We use it for miso soup.

One of Mako's shoes.

I'm drinking out of this coffe cup right now.

White acrylic paint. A common question I get asked at conventions while someone is pointing to my drawing is, "Are you using white out here?" I find that white out eventually turns either blue, pink or purple, so I use acrylic white paint.

A pepper.

Another one of Mako's plants. I've actually got to give this to some good friends of mine!

A leaf.

 It's time to get back to work. Thanks for taking a look.

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Hannah said...

these are so so beautiful, sean, really amazing.