Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Japan Sketches

It's been a while... here are the goods:

The first two were made at the Okayama National Gardens. While the third was made in Oshima during a brief visit to Mako's folk's place. The final one was made this afternoon by the river not far from our apartment in Okayama.

I've been working on my graphic novel and getting to show a few things to some friends to get some comments. I'm not posting any images from it until a good amount of pages are done, but I can say that it's going well.

My friend, TJ Nasti, will be selling some of my books and posters at SpringCon on May 21st and 22nd in Minnesota at the State Fair grounds in St. Paul, so be sure to come by my table and get some new pirate treasure. 


Hannah said...

the tree trunk in the last drawing is so effin pretty. (thought you'd appreciate that, haha)

Taylor S Smith said...

Really digging these Japanese drawings!