Thursday, May 20, 2010

After SpringCon 2010

I've been busy shifting gears since SpringCon is over now. I had a great time with Ed Choy Moorman, Eric Schuster and Mako. I sat next to Anna Bongiovanni, Evan Palmer, Renny Kissling and at one time Doug Mahnke.

Mako took a few photos for me. Starting with this one...

I have no idea who this is.

Terry Beatty, Private Investigator. Make sure to check out his Darkseid versus Orion.

My friend good friend, Andrew, brought along another friend of mine, Tommy. I'm drawing him a robot in his sketchbook. Tommy has donated quite a few fighting robots drawings to my collection of awesome drawings.

My whole row of fellow Minneapolis artists did sketches in Tommy's sketchbook too. Thanks goes out to Ed Choy Moorman, Eric Schuster, Evan Palmer, Anna Bongiovanni, Renny Kissling, Mako, Will Schar, Terry Beatty and Jeff Parker for their contributions!

Tommy and I are actually collaborating on a project for Zine Fest. Watch out.

I hate to say that this might be my last SpringCon for a while, since it looks like I'll be living in Japan within the next year. Next up is Zine Fest with Dan Olson, then the Minneapolis Indie Expo, MIX and finally Madison Zinefest 2010 in October.

I've gotta say thanks to all of the amazing people who came by and picked up a book or a poster. I'll be posting some new work soon. I'm in the middle of quite a few projects. Once I finish those up, I'll be working on my personal projects again.

And now, some parting sketches.

Megatron pencils

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diana green said...

Hey Shawn! So sorry I missed you, was by the booth a few times, but just bad timing, I guess.
Drop me a line, let's do coffee!