Saturday, February 28, 2009

I speak only in Eggs of 3 Minutes

I was recently at a book fair in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center. It was an amazing show and I was blown away at all of the quality work that is produced in the Cities. 3 Minutes Egg was walking around doing interviews with artists and showing off all of the goods. I have a segment at the end of the video on the February 26th post. Enjoy!


SCRuskin said...

Um, yes. My biggest um influence is the past. Um. Just in general. Not anything um in specific... just... you know... all of um... history. Um collectively.

Haha, but seriously, props mang.

XStina said...

SEAN! Sup man? :D I saw you like yesterday, man, yesterday was awesome!

Erik said...

Aww, thanks Sean!