Saturday, July 5, 2008

On the Run


Sketched from the bottom of the Kintaikyo bridge on an overcast day. It was so cloudy that the castle on top of the mountain could barely be seen.

The island of Miyajima and it's gate are considered to be a National and World Treasure. This is one of my favorites from the day Mako's family, my brother and I spent the day there. Tame friendly Deer roam the island too.

This bird is trained to fish for people. It dives into the water, catches a fish in it's mouth, swallows it, then regurgitates it. Then we eat it.

So, Mako's father came into the house and placed this beetle on the floor. I stopped eating my lunch and starting drawing it. They're called Kuwagata and are one of Japanese children's first pets. He now lives in an empty sushi try full of scraps of paper and a bit of honey on a paper towel.


Hannah said...

beautiful beetle!!

SCRuskin said...

that. is. AWESOME.

I always wanted a beetle-pet. Still kinda do, actually. Man, insects rooooool.

Kathleen said...
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'Lil Ric said...

Yeah man this sketch travelogue's my current favorite blog.

Anonymous said...

i'd stop eating, too... that beetle looks like it could have me for lunch, if it wanted.

also, i love the bird--a commorant, maybe?