Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had four host families when I was in Japan as a Rotary Exchange Student from 2002-2003. It's been five years and finally I've come back to see my families again. I've been staying at my fourth host family's house, the Nodaira's, since coming back to my host town, Suzaka. Nodaira-san has been my best model since coming to Japan. He he is:

I'll be back to drawing Ukashima soon. First I'll be making a stop in Hiroshima to see Mako's cousins and hopefully make an appearance at a school to teach a bit of English. I think I'd like to teach them how to use the most versatile word in the English language: shit. They really don't have "swear words" here. I love don't have "swear words" here. I love it.

But more importantly, while in Hiroshima I'll be visiting the WW2 Memorial Park and Museum. I've already been to the exact site where the bomb exploded above the city and it was spine chilling. I feel a pretty large responsiblity to go and pay my respects again.



Hannah said...

whaaaaaaat???? no swear words????? my mind is officially boggled.

Jp Pollard said...

Your art is a godspend my friend.

That said, if you do any drawings or take and pics while in hiroshima, I'd be very interested in seeing them.

Kathleen said...
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